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Dallin and Karree Larsen Take Vasayo To New Heights?


Dallin Larsen initially turned up on the majority of people's radar as Usana's President of Sales in the 1990s. Larsen held numerous executive positions in Usana before his appointment as President.

In 2001 Larsen was designated Vice President of Sales at Dynamic Basics. Dynamic Fundamentals faced regulatory issues with the FDA in 2003, with Larsen leaving the company that very same year.

In 2005 Larsen (right, with Karree) founded and introduced Monnavie, which today is exactly what he's best understood for in the MLM market.

Monnavie marketed a blended acai berry juice and at first was pretty effective within the MLM sphere.

By 2014 things at Monavie weren't looking good, triggering Larsen to leave the business.

Rather than avoid his past, as is often the case, in a Vasayo marketing video Larsen is refreshingly candid about his departure from Monavie.

2 years earlier, after it became apparent that we had lost control of the result of Monavie for several factors, including a substantial philosophical difference with our personal equity investors, regarding the company's culture and who need to lead the business, we chose to step away in July of 2014 and accepted avoid of the industry for 2 years.

We have honored that contract.

When we resigned from Monavie we shared a video message specifying that we didn't know for sure exactly what our future was going to look like.

Now, two years later, we have clearness.

That clearness brought about the launch of Vasayo.

When it comes to Monavie, it plunged into $182 million dollars in debt and was sold to Jeunesse. Jeunesse immediately set about dismantling exactly what was left of Monavie and integrating it into their own company.

Larsen appears figured out not to make the same mistakes he felt he made with Monavie once again;

We have every intention of leading this company up until our last breath. This will be the last journey of our life times.

In addition, we have no intention of every selling this company. We're not beginning with an exit-strategy in mind however instead, to build and leave a legacy.

And unlike Monavie we will keep more than half ownership in the business, so that we can guide the ship and culture in a direction we believe to be in the very best interests of our distributors.

Read on for a complete evaluation of the Vasayo MLM opportunity.

The Vasayo Product Line
Vasayao's nutritional items are marketed under a flagship "MicroLife Nutritionals" brand name.

Core Essentials-- vitamins and mineral supplement via a vegetable-based capsule
Neuro-- "a meal for your brain"
Energy-- a herb-based energy spray
Restore-- a liquid-gel based "antioxidant support system"
Sleep-- a mist-based sleep support supplement
Retail rates for Vasayo's items were not available at the time of publication.

The Vasayo Compensation Plan
The Vasayo payment plan pays affiliates to offer products to retail customers.

Affiliates are also given a thirty-day window to make off item orders made by brand-new personally hired affiliates.

GV represents "Group Volume" and is PV produced by a Vasayo affiliate's team.

An active consumer is a retail client who has actually bought at least 35 PV worth of products within 4 weeks.

An active affiliate is a Vasayo affiliate who creates at least 80 PV a month (4 weeks).

Lesser binary volume is GV produced by a Vasayo affiliate's weaker binary side (see recurring commission explanation below).

Retail Commissions
Vasayo affiliates earn a 20% retail commission on products purchased by their retail consumers.

The Item Intro Perk is a percentage bonus on sales volume produced by the recruited affiliate's orders.

Just how much of a percentage is paid out is identified by volume generated by the recruiting affiliate for that month:

80 PV a month = 10% Item Introduction Reward
160 PV a month or more = 20% Item Introduction Bonus
Recurring Commissions
Residual commissions in Vasayo are paid through a binary compensation structure.

A binary payment structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, divided into 2 sides (left and right):.

The 2nd level of the binary team is produced as needed, by splitting each of the first 2 positions into another 2 positions each.

Subsequent levels of the binary team are produced in the same manner, with each new binary level real estate two times as numerous positions as the previous level.

Positions in the binary team are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of new affiliates.

At the end of every week sales volume on both sides of the binary team is tallied up. Vasayo pay affiliates a $25 cycle commission per 240/480 GV matched on both sides of the binary group.

Matching Benefit.
Vasayo affiliates who produce a minimum of 160 PV a month receive a matching reward on recurring commissions made by their down line.

Vasayo pay the Matching Bonus based upon unilevel generations.

A unilevel settlement structure positions a Vasayo affiliate at the top of a unilevel tea, with every personally hired affiliate put directly under them (level 1):.

If any level 1 affiliates hire new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the initial affiliate's unievel group.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit brand-new affiliates, they are put on level 3 and so on etc down a theoretical boundless variety of levels.

Generations are defined when a Bronze affiliate is found in each private unilevel leg.

Once a Bronze ranked affiliate is found, the very first generation is capped off and the 2nd generation begins.

If no second Bronze ranked affiliate is discovered, the second generation extends down the whole length of the unilevel leg.

The Matching Bonus is paid as a portion of recurring binary commissions paid to downline affiliates in these generations.

How many generations a Vasayo affiliate can earn on is figured out by their rank as follows:.

The proper rank should be maintained in addition to 160 PV in qualifying monthly volume.

Leadership Bonus.
Ruby ranked Vasayo affiliates who generate 160 PV a month qualify for shares in the Leadership Reward swimming pool.

The Leadership Perk swimming pool is made up of 2% of Vasayo's company-wide sales volume.

The Vasayo payment strategy specifies that affiliates can.

make shares based upon your paid-as rank and additional shares based on extra qualifications.

No particular info on the qualification requirements is offered.

The more a Vasayo affiliate pays for membership the more products they get.

There is likewise a Vasayo "Creators Package" for $1495. Obviously there's a different 1% reward swimming pool paid out to Creators Bundle affiliates (I have actually likewise seen 2% promoted).

From the Vasayo marketing video I estimated from in the introduction of this review;.

In today's regulatory environment, the only companies that will make it through and flourish, will be those business that produce a massive and loyal consumer base.

Rather than those business that merely focus on recruiting other suppliers.

It is indeed a brand-new day in direct selling and in my view this is good news, okay news.

Broadly speaking Vasayo measures up to Dallin Larsen's viewpoint, indicating it's not just lip-service to retail sales activity.

Before we get into the settlement strategy, I wish to address the $1495 Founders Plan. If the package is certainly tied to several bonus swimming pools, that's plainly pay to play and ought to be dissuaded.

If Vasayo affiliates want to pay $1495 to get a much deeper discount on products, that's fine but from a regulative perspective there shouldn't be any monetary reward for doing so.

Outside of that warning, Vasayo's compensation plan is incredibly well-balanced in between retail sales and developing a down line.

The key to this are the active consumer requirements, which need retail orders of 35 PV or more per active retail client needed.

From the start (Certified Brand Partner), Vasayo affiliates are needed to maintain active clients. This balances out the required PV requirements, with each active customer creating 35 PV to the requirements.

At each Vasayo affiliate rank the required retail consumer PV counts for well over majority of required month-to-month PV. That suggests an affiliate is going to be primarily getting approved for commissions through retail client sales, which is ideally what you want in an MLM chance.

Generally I 'd raise an eyebrow but trying to focus entirely on hiring new affiliates and collecting on their orders isn't really sustainable in Vasayo. You have actually got nothing to work to residually unless you put in the time producing a good retail customer-base.

Regarding Vasayo's items, I felt this was the weakest component of the business. The MicroLife Nutritionals variety doesn't appear to be any different to what you might find in a health shop or through competing MLM business.

From the Vasayo marketing videos I enjoyed, it's clear that the company intends to introduce other products further down the line. These may ultimately make the product line stick out but for now Vasayo's offering is a bit uninspiring.


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